namenode and datanode "Block Pool Used" abnormal growth

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namenode and datanode "Block Pool Used" abnormal growth

tao tony

I used Apache HAWQ to write data on HDFS-2.7.3,and met a strange problem.

I had totally wirte 300MB data,commit 100 times,each time commit 3MB.But
each node "block pool used"  increased by more than 30GB,"block pool
used"  in namenode increased 100GB.But when I use "hadoop fs -du -h
/",the space only grow 300MB.And there's no change with block numbers.
If i continually commit small data, "block pool used" will become
greater then 100% and returned no space left.

After about several minutes,the "block pool used" will gradually
decrease to the normal.

I didn't  see any logs on namenode and  datanode to reclaim the "block
pool used".

Anyone could explain why it happend and how Could I solve this problem.Many thanks!

Tao Jin

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