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luca paganotti
Hi all, I'm absolutely new to hadoop and trying to learn something about it. I'm following and reading this book: "Big Data Analytics With Hadoop 3". I'm at the very begining.
I'm able to start and stop dfs and yarn via shell scripts (start/stop and start/stop
The book takes as a reference 
Unfortunately this version is not available anymore and I downloaded 3.2.0.
Now trying to setup correctly YARN Timeline service v2.0 I've managed to install and start an HBase cluster as suggested downloading Hbase 1.2.10 from
HBase is up and running.
The next step should be "Enabling co-processor", these are the substeps involved
  1. setup a co-processor location in HDFS
    1. hadoop fs -mkdir /hbase/coprocessor
    2. hadoop fs -put hadoop-yarn-server-timelineservice-hbase-3.0.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT.jar/hbase/coprocessor/hadoop-yarn-server-timelineservice.jar
But this command is failing, I'm not able to locate the right jar as in $HADOOP_HOME/share/hadoop/yarn/timelineservice I find different files:

which one I should use?

The apache hadoop online documention at says something similar mentioning the hadoop-yarn-server-timelineservice-hbase-coprocessor-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file, but again I'm not able to find it. Why the SNAPSHOT suffix? It's not present in my hadoop distribution.

More, I need to correctly setup the HADOOP_CLASSPATH environment variable.
The book tells me to assign to it the path to the lib folder in HBase distribution with $HADOOP_HOME/sharehadoop/yarn/timelineservice folder.

I'm not sure which is the cause of the error I get issuing this command:

hadoop -create -skipExistingTable

I get:
Errore: impossibile trovare o caricare la classe principale

is it because my classpath is not complete? or is it because I've not the right jars? or both?

My HADOOP_HOME envaronment variable is set to the folder where I extracted all the hadoop files.

I'm sorry for this very long text, I'm trying to be as clear as possible and in the meantime writing in a language I do not know very well.

Thanks for any answer.

-- lp