I could swear this worked before

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I could swear this worked before

Geoffry Roberts-2
I am stuck.
It is something simple and I am sure the worked with older Hadoop versions.
Currently, I am running Hadoop 2.9.1.

Question: Why am I getting a null?  Clearly, the value has not been set, but why?

Driver code:

Configuration conf = new Configuration;

Job job = Job.getInstance(conf"somejobname");

conf.set("ZOOKEEPER_URI", "http://localhost:2181");


Mapper code:


protected void setup(Context ctx) throws IOException, InterruptedException {

Configuration conf = ctx.getConfiguration();

String zkURI = conf.get("ZOOKEEPER_URI");  

// Here's the problem: zkURI is null.

System.out.println(ctx.getJobName());  // prints "somejobname" as expected.

Thanks all

There are ways and there are ways, 

Geoffry Roberts